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Top Ways Small Business CEOs Can Screen Applicants

Small Business Hiring

New and Growing Businesses Need a Solid Hiring System in Today’s Talent Marketplace

As the CEO of a small business, the prospect of screening, hiring, and bringing on new employees can be both exciting and overwhelming. On one hand, it is thrilling to know your company is growing enough to bring on new team members. But on the other, because your small business is your livelihood, you cannot afford any missteps that could impact productivity and success. There’s no doubt post-pandemic applicants will be flooding in in 2021. The following expert tips will help you screen applicants on the path to finding the perfect candidates for your growing team.

Write an Attractive Job Description

If you are still a fairly new company, let your brand’s personality and company culture come through in the job description. You are more likely to stand out and attract top talent when you take the time to craft a job description that showcases the uniqueness of your company. Rather than simply describing the job opening, which can be somewhat dull and dry, throw in a bit about the company, the team, and your ideal candidate. You could even share recent media coverage, social media links, and how your company is disrupting your industry. By writing a unique job description you will be more memorable amongst endless job options while setting expectations of what you are looking for in an applicant.

Be Honest About the Role’s Challenges

In an effort to attract candidates, avoid the temptation to overshadow the challenges of the role. Be transparent in both the job description and when interviewing candidates about the hurdles you believe will be the most impactful. كازينوهات Small businesses bring different opportunities and challenges than those of large corporations, so be sure to mention them. These challenges could be an upcoming rebranding, a nonexistent marketing budget, or mandatory overtime during specific times of the year. The best candidates – the one you genuinely want to hire, will be ready to take on these challenges with optimism and look forward to offering positive solutions.

Consider a Group Interview

Large companies like Google and Disney do it, so why not your company? Group interviews are great if you are attempting to build a new team from scratch. When you are searching for various positions such as managers, senior-level and junior employees, consider bringing the best candidates together for a collaborate group interview. This will help you gauge how they will relate to each other and work together.

Develop a Company Culture

Regardless if you have 20 employees or two, every person has a huge impact on your company’s culture. A single individual can change the whole dynamic in a good way, or bad. دومينو Everything from creativity and efficiency to attitudes and indifference ripples through an organization. Company culture is an important aspect when it comes to managing teams and emphasizing the values that matter most to you as the CEO. Developing that culture and prioritizing those qualities when selecting candidates will undoubtedly help in the hiring process, allowing you to find individuals with whom you genuinely wish to work.

Protect Your Company’s Reputation

Sites such as Glassdoor offer current and former employees to review companies and the CEOs. Many people check company reviews prior to applying for a job, which means your company’s reputation matters beyond your customers and clients. Ultimately, the good or bad reputation of your company may persuade or dissuade a good candidate from applying. Protect your company’s reputation by professionally responding to any negative reviews and encouraging current satisfied employees to write a review of their position, the company, and you on job sites. Approximately 72 percent of recruiters report that company branding offers a huge impact on a CEO’s ability to attract and hire great talent.

Small business CEOs have enough to face on a daily basis than to regret sending an offer letter. By following the above tips and listening to your gut, you will surely build a successful and lasting team.

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