Bravely face the epidemic, resume work calmly

As enterprises start resuming work in various regions, they need to consider how to restart business operations amid ongoing epidemic prevention and control measures and ensure they can return to a normal, healthy work rhythm as soon as possible.

MWC recommends that within a week before work resumes, companies should establish specific responsibilities during such a special period to ensure the calm resumption of work.


Board and senior management should stabilize employee morale and ensure flexible and correct decision-making

Board of Directors:

  • Together with senior management, the board should evaluate possible major losses during the epidemic, predict and list major incidents the epidemic might cause.
  • Based on the degree of loss, review the enterprise’s annual plan and financial budget, promptly organize discussions among senior management about whether annual goals can be achieved, develop an adjustment plan on the basis of objective assessment results, and make reasonable estimates for next year’s goals.
  • Actively communicate with related shareholders, and promptly disclose fact-based information.
  • Grant management appropriate authority promptly to flexibly deal with and decide various emergency matters in an outbreak situation.

Senior management:

  • Immediately establish a core, cross-function team in response to the management during epidemic; continue to monitor the situation closely and actively cooperate with related regulatory requirements to collect and report relevant information promptly.
  • Organize all departments of the enterprise to ascertain the business and management processes affected by the epidemic, assess the losses, and make measures to minimize these losses, as well as take responsibility for tracking and implementation. It is particularly important to clearly identify trigger events and metrics for initiating different levels of response actions.
  • Ensure adequate communication both inside and outside the company, assist employees, customers, and other parties to understand the company’s actions to enhance their understanding and confidence.
  • Initiate assessment of budget objective and specific scenario analysis, and reasonably adjust business plans based on the results.


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